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Profiling the Kufuor Scholars: Gifty Mary Agyemah

Interviewer: Tell us more about yourself, Gifty.

Gifty: My name is Gifty Mary Agyemah. I am a member of the Kufuor Scholars Program (KSP) Class of 2019. I am a graduate from the University of Education Winneba with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Health and Sanitation Education.


Interviewer: How was growing up like?

Gifty: As a young girl growing up in a small-town called Likpe-Mate in the Oti Region of Ghana, I never had it easy. But determination and passion to succeed has kept me going. And the difficulties growing up have made me stronger. And so today, I am an expert in multi-tasking. And that is how come I was for example able to combine my role as chairperson of the Student Bar Association at the University of Education, Mampong – Ashanti campus, and other leadership positions with my academic work and succeeded with all. So, the experiences growing up definitely shape us all.


Interviewer: Tell me more about your Kufuor Scholars Program (KSP) experience.

Gifty: A friend told me about the Kufuor Scholars Program, and I went online to read more about it. After reading, I got convinced that it was a good platform for me to learn and know more about leadership to help hone my skills and mould me to become a great leader in Ghana and beyond. So, I applied and was selected. Our first activity together, the summer camp at Kwame Danso – Atebubu, has always remained fresh on my mind. Those moments changed some of my thoughts and perspectives in life and really had a positive impact on me. There, I got new ideas and got more excited to want to be a great leader so I can impact the lives of others positively, especially those in the rural areas.


Interviewer: What would you say are some of the values the program has imbibed in you?

Gifty: This program has been very educative, insightful and fun. KSP taught me to take initiative, be bold and always be an exceptional leader who makes positive impacts and leave good legacy at all times. I have met and networked with great personalities during this program and I have learnt a lot from these people personally and professionally. I learnt from the former president, His Excellency John A. Kufuor that we must not become presidents before we can call ourselves leaders. I remember him telling us you can be a leader even if you are a farmer. Since then, wherever I find myself, I try to make a positive impact. I always try to be a great transformational leader. I am very grateful to the former president for initiating the KSP to groom transformational leaders and for giving me this great opportunity to be his scholar and learn under his feet. I will mirror him everywhere I go and in whatever I do. It is my humble prayer that God grants him the strength to live longer to witness the seed he has sown in me bear good fruits.


Interviewer: A little bird whispered to me that you have this great initiative that seeks to encourage girls to take science education seriously, tell us more about it.

Gifty: Well, the Girls in Science, Technology, Engineering, Environment and Mathematics (GISTEEM) initiative is an initiative I rolled out to inspire and mentor over one thousand girls in basic and second cycle schools to pursue science and its related careers. This initiative started in 2016. The rationale behind the GISTEEM Initiative is to demystify the myth that science is for males and also to build confidence in the young female students to pursue science and related courses to help solve societal problems. This initiative is to also help in closing the gender gap in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, Environment and Mathematics. The maiden project was held at the University of Education, Mampong-Ashanti campus on 15th October 2016 under the theme; “Discover the Science World.” Through the maiden event in 2016, over ninety (90) young female students in the Ashanti Mampong Municipality were mentored and encouraged by the resource persons to pursue science and its related courses. We also empowered the girls in sanitation and hygiene practices.