About Us


Our long term vision is “the establishment of peaceful, well governed and economically sustainable societies in Ghana and Africa.”


We seek “to promote effective leadership as the catalyst for good governance, and socio-economic development through advocacy, programmatic interventions and strategic partnerships with likeminded organizations and institutions.”

Core values

The values of transparency, accountability, equity, inclusion, fairness, and commitment to excellence are the guiding principles that regulate the operations and all relationships of the Foundation.


Strategic Goals

Our strategic focus is on promoting effective leadership, good governance, and sustainable socioeconomic development. Operationally, these strategic goals are not mutually exclusive.

Effective Leadership: Recognizing the central role of leadership in national development, particularly governance, the Foundation places high premium on preparing young people for leadership through specialized training programs.

Good Governance: The Foundation advocates good democratic governance and supports peace initiatives, elections management and institution building.

Socio-Economic Development: Liberal towards the economy, the Foundation believes in agriculture led growth and job creation. It recognizes the imperative of healthy populations and public-private partnerships for sustainable development.