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Profiling The Kufuor Scholars: Clara Bemmah Antwi

Interviewer: Tell me more about yourself beyond your name which we all know.

Clara: My name is Clara Bemmah Antwi. I am 26 years old. I am a trained biomedical scientist from the University of Cape Coast with a degree in Biomedical Sciences. I had my high school education and experience from Yaa Asantewaa Girls Senior High School in Kumasi. In summary, that’s Clara Bemmah Antwi.

Interviewer: Tell me about your leadership experiences.

Clara: My leadership journey started from senior high school with my biggest roles being both the Student Representative Council (SRC) Vice President of my school and a Zonal Secretary at the Ashanti Regional SRC. Whilst undertaking my tertiary education, I was appointed to serve both as a Deputy Organizer with the Protestants and Pentecostal Chaplaincy Committee and the first female President of the University Mass Choir and Mass Theatre. I would admit that combining these leadership roles together with my education was not an easy experience. Most of our educational curricula does not include leadership training but being able to acquire some leadership skills whilst in school made me very happy and gave me a lot of motivation.

Interviewer: Tell me about your experiences growing up and how taking up leadership roles has changed you.

Clara: The typical me as a child was the ‘quiet and mind your own business type’ who lacked confidence in herself much more to speak about empowering others. With my reserved nature as a child, I did not expect much of a change in my attitude but my growing up took a different twist when I started to open up and take on leadership roles. Whiles serving in the various roles, I learnt how to deal with people differently as each person was unique in their own way and also work effectively together to achieve our set targets at any point in time. I learnt how to be selfless but ensure that I don’t lose my identity in the process. It’s been an amazing journey so far.


Interviewer: Tell me more about your KSP journey.

Clara: My KSP journey started through a friend who was ahead of me whilst at University of Cape Coast. He showed me the advert and urged me to read about it and give it a try. I was quite taken aback when I visited the John A. Kufuor Foundation website to read about the program. I felt it was high profile and I belittled myself a little after reading all about it. I finally decided to summon courage and apply. I took this as a personal challenge. Fast forward, I went through the application processes and I was elated when I was admitted into the program. I met amazing young people like myself and quickly bonded with them. I have so many wonderful memories from my days as a scholar under training and my most cherished memories were at our first summer camp at Atebubu in the former Brong Ahafo region. We stayed as a family without boundaries and there was a lot to learn from ourselves, our facilitators and the community we found ourselves in at that point in time. I also had the opportunity to be engaged with a Youth Think Tank which saw me interacting with other young leaders from six (6) other African countries. I believe the motivation to purse the Youth Think Tank was gathered directly from my experience with the Kufuor Scholars Program.

Interviewer: What lessons have you learnt from participating in the Kufuor Scholars Program?

Clara: Whilst participating in the Kufuor Scholars Program, I came to understand that as a young person, most of the decisions I make will be shaped by the kind of exposure I’ve had. I realized that I was very much privileged to be on the program. It is often said that where you have been and where you are is not as important as where you want to be. I am an exception to this because where I have been has created room for where I am now and each and everyday of where I want to be is being shaped by now. My career path has been enhanced through the various seminars and mentorship opportunities I had whilst on the program. The message of integrity was vaguely understood by me until I had an interaction with Mr. Bernard Avle of Citi FM who was one of the speakers at one of our mini camps. It changed my perspective. He said, “integrity is bridging the gap between your words and actions.” These words brought a dynamism to my interaction with people and I would carry it along in my future endeavors. One thing is clear about transformational leadership, it starts with yourself and that was priority in the training offered us. I intend to impact lives by investing in others some day through every possible means because I believe the John A. Kufuor Foundation took a chance on me and invested so much in me. Passing on a kindness shown to us is a pure sign of humanity.

Interviewer: What would you want to say to former President Kufuor for establishing the foundation and KSP?

Clara: I would like to thank the chairman, H. E. Former President John Agyekum Kufuor for the opportunity to learn from his experiences both as a leader of his country and the world. With the commission to go and transform leadership wherever I find myself as a Kufuor Scholar, I will make you proud.

Interviewer: Thank you.

Clara: Thank you. And thanks very much for your time.