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Profiling The Kufuor Scholars: Caesar Kaba Kogoziga

Interviewer: Tell us more about yourself.

Caesar: My name is Caesar Kaba Kogoziga, a proud member of the 2019 class of the Kufuor Scholars Program. I am an ambitious young leader with demonstrated proficiency in advocacy, youth development and participation, and community mobilization. I developed these skills through years of selfless, innovative volunteerism and acceptance of responsibility. With the desire to contribute to global collective progress, I have volunteered with several organizations across different sectors, from education, through reproductive health and women empowerment, to youth development and participation.

My work has received several recognitions, including a Watson Institute nomination for a semester acceleration program in Colorado (USA) and other invitations to engage young people on several international and local platforms, and many others.

I hold a degree in Nursing from the University of Ghana, with significant experience in Public health practice. I work with the Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana (PPAG) as a Youth Programmes Assistant on a UNFPA project towards the elimination of child marriage and empowerment of adolescent girls in Ghana. I also serve as a project officer for the Hewlett Voices advocacy project towards universal access to sexual reproductive health and rights for all. I am also the African Regional Representative for the ‘Your Public Value for the Youth Voices’ project. I aspire to contribute significantly to the transformation of Ghana and the African continent, while engaging the rest of the world in global policy for development. I look forward to new opportunities to develop my professional and leadership skills and utilize my extensive youth network on international oriented projects.


Interviewer: That’s very impressive, tell us about growing up and how you got interested in the Kufuor Scholars Program.


Caesar: I was born in Chiana, located in the Upper East Region of Ghana. Growing up, there were no inspiring examples to follow, and no facilities to support my quest for higher education. I saw several of my talented colleagues dropping out of school as victims of lack of resources and a supportive environment. Regardless of the numerous challenges I faced while growing up, I have been motivated by the humble dream of contributing meaningfully in shaping the future. It has always been my dream to position myself well enough in order to contribute to the elimination of challenges that I faced during childhood.

Upon getting admission to the University of Ghana, I sought to improve my leadership skills as I prepared to chase my dreams. My friends knew me as one who would make a move at anything that will build my capacity. A classmate introduced me to the Kufuor Scholars Program (KSP). It presented a great opportunity for me to actually learn and practice leadership. Whilst there was no hesitation to apply, there was a big question about the suitability of my course of study (nursing) to the program. However, the willingness to try and prove that I was worthy of a place in the program paid off. It later became clear to me that KSP is open to grooming leaders from any field who have demonstrated potential and passion to drive transformation.


Interviewer: How has the experience been for you as a Kufuor Scholar?

Caesar: The highest points of this amazing journey for me were the regular mini camps, where I had the opportunity to interact with the many brilliant colleagues on the program, as well as renowned leaders from different fields who were invited to interact with us. As I sought to combine a very demanding course of study with a challenging role in leadership at all levels, it took a lot of sacrifice and self-discipline to bring me this far.  Whilst on campus, I served in several leadership positions in both my hall of residence and the Student Representative Council, including becoming the president of my department’s students’ association.

Since joining KSP, I have acquired essential leadership knowledge and skills that have given me an extra advantage when engaging people on any platform. The understanding of leadership as a service role has given me a good basis to make impact in the lives of many. My first in-person conversation with the Former President, H.E John A. Kufuor, has been one of the most inspirational moments in my humble life. After asking where I hail from and displaying extensive knowledge of my hometown, the former president stated that ‘thousands of people are waiting for your liberation and you must not disappoint them.’ This statement continues to give me an extra urge to lookout for solutions to the problems my people face. Suddenly, a global icon who I only watched on television became my new mentor. This is just an example of how essential the program has been in instilling values and patriotism in its beneficiaries. I have since founded a community-based youth development organization, Our-Hope Foundation, to extend quality education to rural under-served youth.

Interviewer: Any final words?  

Caesar: Thanks to KSP, I have realized that my untapped powers and potentials are superior to the powers conferred by a title. If I could make the life of even one other person a little better, my life would have been a valuable one. To former President Kufuor, who gave me this priceless opportunity to be associated to his name, I want to say that, all the core values and principles he taught us will influence the world, and that I shall neither disappoint my people nor betray his trust.