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Profiling The Kufuor Scholars: Abigail Korkor Tetteh

Interviewer: Tell us more about yourself Abigail.

Abigail: I am Abigail Korkor Tetteh, a graduate of the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA). I am an alumnus of the Kufuor Scholars Program (KSP) Class of 2019. I attended Methodist Girls High School for my senior high school education. I’ve held a number of leadership positions including serving as a teaching/administrative assistant at the UPSA as a national service person.

Interviewer: Tell us about life growing up.

Abigail: I did not have a perfect journey growing up, but I am all equipped today because of the experiences I had and the choices I made. Nevertheless, I can recall a lot of interesting and fun memories and for that, I am eternally grateful to God. I have always been reserved and this was a big hindrance in boosting my self-confidence. All this changed when I heard of the Kufuor Scholars Program through the then Dean of Graduate Studies at UPSA. After the announcement, I got intrigued and interested in applying.

Interviewer: Any memories of your time in the program?

Abigail: The journey after being selected was amazing and worthwhile. I had so many memorable moments but one of the highlights was meeting the former President of Ghana, H.E John Agyekum Kufuor. That was the closest I had ever gotten to power and it was so motivating and humbling. Secondly, the summer camp experience at Atebubu in the Bono Region is another memorable event. I had the opportunity to work on a farm, plant trees and learn about the environment, kind courtesy the African Plantation for Sustainable Development (APSD). I also participated in teaching, motivating and donating educational items to some students at the Kwame Danso and Yeji Senior High Schools. Before the camp meeting ended, I was enriched with much information and inspired to share my experiences with others.

Interviewer: How did the training in the program change your views about leadership?

Abigail: The leadership training made me see public service as an opportunity to change the lives of others. After participating in a series of leadership seminars and lectures, I was impacted enough to understand the importance of my role as a youth in Ghana’s development. Also, being named a Kufuor Scholar made a lot of people start thinking very highly of me and that motivated me to not want to let myself down. The diversified topics discussed at the various mini-camps have broadened my scope on issues. Irrespective of our diverse backgrounds in education, we were offered free lessons and training on topics outside our territory including business, law, engineering, politics, science, security, grooming, diplomacy, globalization, governance and so on. This taught me that, leaders have to be well informed in order to tackle issues around them. Prior to joining the KSP, my knowledge about leadership was that it involved only political leadership. However, our first meeting with the former president changed this. He stressed on the fact that he was expecting us to become leaders in all facets of our career paths. His point was that, irrespective of our destinations in future, we should not be ordinary leaders but leaders with a purpose. As a leader, I have learnt to act in a way that will transcend beyond generations and I look forward to working with more people and impacting lives.


Interviewer: You are a business student whose interest is in management and related areas…. Did you see any growth in your knowledge in that arena when you participated in the KSP?

Abigail: As a business student, I received in-depth knowledge about business concepts. I have gained significant knowledge on the management of businesses and the long-term benefits of strategy to organizations. I did not perceive this opportunity as only receiving knowledge and exposure, but I shared and keep sharing the knowledge and information I gained with my colleagues and this has greatly prepared me to attain my future goals as an international human resource manager. KSP also gave me an opportunity to engage in dialogues, discussions and group activities with my fellow scholars with diverse and brilliant opinions on issues concerning the world’s development. I always looked forward to mini camps because they provided an opportunity to meet and network. As a result of this, I am well acquainted with sharp brains who can assist me with superior theories, analogies and insights.

Interviewer: What can we all expect you to do with the knowledge and wisdom you have acquired from the program going forward?

Abigail: Apart from pursing my future aspirations, I have decided to explore other opportunities. Previously, I limited my goals to academia but KSP has helped me in realizing my worth and that I can achieve more if I’m focused. I am therefore prepared for what the future holds and poised to push the agenda of development in Ghana in all areas of my life. I would like to thank the former President Kufuor for implementing such an outstanding initiative. The Kufuor Scholars Program has nurtured me into the outspoken, opinionated and great leader I am today. I owe him a great depth of gratitude for actualizing his vision of grooming young people into becoming transformational leaders of Ghana and beyond. He has shown great zeal and support in our training process as a result of his believe in our potential and capabilities. As a proud Kufuor Scholar, I will leverage on this opportunity given me. I won’t waste it. I guarantee!