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Kufuor Scholars participate in Summer Program in Japan

Some Kufuor Scholars have departed from Accra to participate in the annual Bai Xian Asia Institute Summer Program 2019 in Japan.

The program will see them visiting Osaka and Kyoto brings together young people from Asia to network, build themselves up, and learn about Asia and its people.

Every year, young people gather in Japan to participate in the summer programme to explore important topics, build community, and develop 21st-century skills in an immersive and engaging setting.


This year’s event is being held under the theme, “Harmonious Coexistence” and it is bringing together about 90 scholars to examine regional issues, engage in cross-cultural dialogues, and build community.

Norbert Kwame Agbemenu who just completed the University of Education Winneba and Felicity Yeboah Dokyi, a fifth year medical student at the University of Ghana left the country on the 5th of August and will return after two weeks.

They are hoping to be inspired, enlightened, challenged and their experiences enriched.

The scholars are participating in among others, experts-led panel discussions and leadership training sessions, as well as various team building challenges and an improvisation workshop.

Commenting on the difference the programme has made in their lives so far, Ms. Yeboah Dokyi, said “it has been awesome participating in the programme. This has afforded us the opportunity to compare and contrast Africa and Asia continents.”

“Learning to fit into their culture these past few days has made us realize the need for adaptability for harmonious coexistence,” she added.


This is the third year running that scholars from the Kufuor foundation are participating in the annual summer programme in Japan.