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KSP Training can open big doors for you – Alumni tell Class of 2022

Alumni of the Kufuor Scholars Program (KSP) are encouraging the current batch (class of 2022) to take their training seriously, noting it could open bigger doors for them in future.

They are also encouraging the scholars to live according to the values underlining the program, particularly integrity – which they describe as the positive bridge between one’s actions and his/her words.

“They advised us to govern our lives by the right core values and use them as a strategy to plan our career. And above all that we should value our experiences as Kufuor Scholars and develop ourselves,” one of the current scholars Favour Peters recounted.

“One intricate message they left with us was that the illiterate of the 21st century is no longer the man who cannot read and write but the man who cannot learn, re-learn and unlearn,” he added.

Some of the past scholars on behalf of the entire alumni were at the Kufuor Scholars’ minicamp 2019 from 20th to 23rd September at Mikaddo Plaza in Accra to interact with the 25 newly inducted scholars.

President of the alumni Salman Mohammed, as well as Selorm Martin-Attopley, Esther Spio, Judith Serwaa Agyenim Boateng and Aaron Atimpe visited.

“It was an extremely inspiring and insightful experience. We were privileged to have a strikingly enlightening interaction with prominent persons in Ghana working in both the private and public sectors, occupying political positions or succeeding as remarkable entrepreneurs,” Peters explained.

“The camp was empowering, daring, challenging and intensively motivating for us young people, to impact change in our various communities and Ghana at large,” Peters added.

The past scholars spoke of how the program has played a large role in making them who they are now, including achieving various international feet.

Esther, Aaron and Salman have becoming successful applicants to the Emerging Public Leaders program. https://kufuorfoundation.org/project/kufuor-scholar-wins-emerging-public-leaders-fellow-award/ Selorm has written a number of books including; ‘The Son of the Carpenter’, as well as ‘School reopens, Fornication resumes.’ Aaron has embarked on international trips representing Ghana at a United Nations conference in Brussels which was attended by various Heads of States across the globe. Judith has also been working with the Clinton Foundation and participated in the foundation’s leadership camp recently.

The above experiences, the past scholars noted has broadened their scope of cultural diversity and appreciation of international exposure, as well as helped them form strong social networks.