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Invest in your cause if you want to succeed – Manasseh Azure Awuni tells Kufuor Scholars

Investigative journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni has urged the country’s youth to invest in the causes they believe in if they would want to succeed.


Drawing on his personal experiences in a talk with the Kufuor Scholars, some university students and young professionals on Friday, he urged the youth to be passionate and selfless about what they believe in.


“When I came to level 100 in the school of journalism, I had my own voice recorder and had my own digital camera. I’m not from a rich home but the little I had, I made sure I invested in what I want to do. A year after leaving journalism school, I became Ghana’s overall best journalist,” he told the scholars during a virtual mini K-Talk.


Mr. Azure also urged the young people to discipline themselves noting; “having a talent is not enough.” “The man who responds to every call from the chief will not have enough time to plant his corn! I made sure I invested in what is needful,” he said. “You have to have a sense of discipline and stick to your priorities if you want to excel,” he added.


The investigative journalist also urged young people not to allow others to discourage them.

“No matter how hardworking or talented you are, people will always discourage you. But turn around the discouraging comments and prove them wrong,” he said.


“There are people who will overate you as well. Be careful of them…. Then there are also the malicious critics… Don’t let your life be dictated by malicious people,” the former Joy FM journalist advised.



He also encouraged the young people to be risk takers. “If you want to make a difference in life, take risks. Don’t only be content with the things that make you comfortable. Don’t be content with only the things you excel in and the things that make you happy,” he said.

“Connect with those who will support you with positive energy,” he added.


The award winning journalist urged the young people not to count on others for their happiness but pursue their own defined goals. “Spending money on cloths or flashy things to take pictures and post on Instagram for comments from others? You will be disappointed if you always count your happiness on the validation from others,” he advised.


Are there times that you can try as much as possible and won’t succeed?

The virtual session organized by the University of Ghana (UG) Chapter of the Kufuor Scholars Program was under the theme; “making a difference.” Emmanuella Dansoa Osei who is UG chapter representative said they were grateful for the talk. “It is my hope that we will leave here more encouraged and inspired to make a difference in our own corners,” she said.


Aganzoa Emmanuel, one of the participants asked what was perhaps one of the most intelligent questions of the talk. “My question is, in life, is there any time that no matter how you try, you cannot succeed?” he quizzed.


“I don’t think there is any such stage in life. But what I can also say is that there are times that life becomes so difficult… There are difficult seasons in life. If you don’t give up and you keep working and doing the right thing, you will overcome them,” Mr. Azure said.


“We may not all be privileged to have been born on hills or mountains, but if we don’t give up climbing, if we keep trying, if we keep learning, if we keep focusing, if we keep believing in ourselves and taking calculated risks, I believe one day, our story will be different. And our parents and society will be proud of us when we are able to make a difference and make a change in the lives of others,” he concluded.