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H.E. John Agyekum Kufuor

It is my pleasure to write this message for our first Annual Report. I am honored to be working alongside a group of dedicated directors and the exceptional leadership team to pursue the vision of the Foundation.

After decades of dedicated public service that, by God’s grace, was crowned with the presidency of the Republic of Ghana, I could not think of anything better, upon retirement, than setting up a Foundation to continue to work on my vision for a peaceful and prosperous country. In my humble view, solving the development conundrum in Africa requires us to face up to the question of leadership and good governance. That is why leadership has been primed as the flagship program of the Foundation.

I am pleased to note that 2016 has been a good year for us, a year of action towards fulfilling our mission. We have witnessed good initiatives and implementation of well-designed projects and programs. Thus, we have broken through most of the constraints of the formative years.

However, no year is without its challenges, and this one certainly had its share. The biggest challenge continues to be the Foundation’s long-term sustainability and funding for our own projects.

Nevertheless, we remain absolutely committed to securing the Foundation’s future. We look forward to launching a fundraising drive, slated to begin in the coming year. The drive will seek to create an Endowment Fund and support the construction of premises for our scholars and mentoring program on the campus of the University of Ghana. Construction work should begin in the course of the coming year, 2017.

The foundation will remain focused on its long-term strategy to enhance the nation’s peace and prosperity. We seek to achieve this by preparing young people for capable future leadership, advocating for good governance and improving the socio-economic conditions of our people.

We welcome those who share this vision to partner with us.

The Foundation is governed by thoughtful, successful professionals who bring both competence and character to the deliberative process. Last year we welcomed two new members to our Board: Rosa Whitaker and Njack Kane. Their unique insights, perspectives and enthusiasm strengthen our pledge as directors to advance the work of the Foundation.

Ms. Whitaker, a former United States Trade Representative, brings to us significant depth of knowledge and expertise not only in international trade relations and management, but also in nongovernmental organizations. She is founder and CEO of the Whitaker Group, a privately held governance, strategy and risk advisory firm.

Mr. Kane is a dedicated Senegalese private entrepreneur of global status with great passion for changing the circumstance of Africans through public-private partnerships.

The two join a Board of Directors that is highly dedicated and selfless in their volunteer service. These directors take significant time away from their careers and families to do the important work of governing the Foundation. They do this because of their commitment to serving humanity.

Finally, I express my gratitude to partners and friends whose support, financial and moral, enabled the Foundation to register the achievements of the year. I am most grateful and look forward to strengthening our partnerships.

We look forward to the future with anticipation of greater achievements and confidence in our ability to make a difference in the lives of our people.