Presidential Achievements

The Kufuor years (2001 – 2009): Social Policies and Achievements

Highlights of initiatives


▪ Registered 11 million people under the National Health Insurance Scheme period
▪ Set up a National Ambulance Service ▪ Comprehensive health care for 6 million children
▪ Constructed 205 hospitals and health and free medical care for pregnant women clinics

▪ Introduced Capitation Grant for school children; Provided about $2 per child for cultural, sports an...

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The Kufuor years (2001 – 2009): Governance Policies and Achievements

Highlight of Initiatives

Political and civil rights
▪ Abolished criminal libel law  
▪ Submitted to African peer review mechanism
▪ Supported peace keeping and reconciliation across Africa

▪ Introduced E-governance program
▪ Improved procurement act
▪ Introduced transparency bills such as ; Whistle blower bill

Gender equality<...

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The Kufuor years (2001 – 2009): Economic Policies and Achievements

Highlight of Initiatives

▪ Participated in the World Bank/ IMF HIPC Initiative

▪ Signed the Millennium Challenge Corporation, providing $547m for antipoverty programs

▪ Introduced a new 3-year inflationindexed bond

▪ Introduced targeted industrial and agric...

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